It was about a year and a half ago, and the 22-year-old undergrad student was out at a bar using the ladies room when, she recalls with a laugh, “spirit starts to come through.”

Some spirits just have no respect for personal privacy.

“I just remember the girl was in the stall next to me and I said something,” Ten-Kate tells Zap2it. “I started the reading in the stall because it was really strong and she was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s my mom.’ Or her grandmother or somebody — I don’t remember. But we came out after, we were washing our hands and I’m finishing up and giving her the messages and she’s crying.”

The second season of “Monica the Medium” gets going Monday (April 25), and finds Ten-Kate departing Penn State and heading west with best friend Krista and puppy Luna to San Diego, where the two young women enroll in classes at MiraCosta College with the intention of finishing up their degrees.

Along the way, Ten-Kate has spirit encounters and does impromptu readings for people, including one at a gas station. And once she settled into her new home, found new roommates and enrolled in classes, the newly minted California resident did what Californians do.

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“You see me go and take surfing lessons,” she says, “and I go paddleboarding with my family. I do my first event in San Diego with James van Pragh, who is a world-renowned medium, so that was amazing doing a duo event with another medium who a lot of people know of.”

Ten-Kate loves the vibe of San Diego and its people and she cites that as the reason she pulled up stakes and moved before completing her degree in communications. She was always able to support herself at Penn State doing readings, but now after having had a show on a major basic cable network for a season, she has found that demand for her services has increased dramatically to the point where she no longer keeps a waiting list. The messages and emails, which she says number in the thousands daily, keep coming.

“What has been really nice for me,” Ten-Kate says, “is that through more and more people learning about me or knowing what I do, it allows me to do larger events and do events with a couple hundred people even. So with events and things like that and just my everyday schedule, yeah I can definitely take care of myself and I’m at a place where yeah, it’s really awesome to be able to do what you love and what you’re passionate about as your job. And to do that full time is fantastic.”

Posted by:George Dickie