Gael Garcia Bernal

Amazon Prime’s original series “Mozart in the Jungle” has flown under the radar a bit — until late December in which not only did its second season debut, but the show was nominated for a 2016 Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series, and its star Gael Garcia Bernal was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

Who is Bernal? He’s the most charming, funny and ridiculously talented actor to grace the small screen this past year. As conductor Rodrigo on “Mozart,” he’s sometimes frustratingly narcissistic, too creative for his own good, never thinking in reality because he’s always subconsciously day dreaming of musical notes and symphonies and yet, somehow always lovable.

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That final credit is due to the talent of the 37-year-old Mexican actor, who’s known for films such as, “Y tu mama también” and “The Motorcycle Diaries.” Here are 5 reasons why Bernal’s Rodrigo alone is enough of a reason to watch “Mozart in the Jungle.”

The way he says, ‘Hailey’

Bernal gives Rodrigo the most wonderful Spanish accent. Each time he says Hailey’s (Lola Kirke) name, he pronounces it “High-lie,” and he says it so naturally, that it never stops being funny.

He is incredibly sexy

Never does Rodrigo let his height (Gael is 5’6 in real life according to Wikipedia) affect his confidence. Nor does he doesn’t suffer from “Napoleon Syndrome.” Rodrigo is just highly aware of his talent as a conductor and lets his spectacular work speak for itself. His piercing eyes and trimmed silver fox beard aren’t bad to look at either.

His love for classical music is contagious

“Mozart” takes place in modern day New York City, and Rodrigo’s passion towards the ancient art, the way he describes what music does for him, and his orchestra, and to the hearts of audiences, it’s impossible not want to go listen to Beethoven or Tchaikovsky, afterward.

He’s the best kind of ridiculous

Rodrigo is so creative, and so dedicated to his craft, that nothing is too crazy to do or say if it means it will bring him inspiration, or artistically improve himself and others. Music always comes first, even before his own well-being, which is a passion that any serious artist can relate to and understand.

The music

OK, so this isn’t about Rodrigo’s character, but it’s something that must be noted. The music that plays during the show is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s the only show in which audiences won’t fast forward through the ending credits because the sounds of the symphony are both soothing and refreshingly moving, a nice change from the average sitcom theme song.

Both Season 1 and 2 of “Mozart in the Jungle” are available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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