If you’re a “Mr. Robot” fan, chances are you’ll be tuning in to Season 2 to see what happens next to such delightfully fragile characters as Elliot, Tyrell and Angela. But one of the big strengths of the new season comes via new blood.

From familiar faces to a few newbies, read on for the scoop on which actors will be on screen when Season 2 returns to USA.

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Joey Bada$$ (Leon)

A hip-hop star at barely 21-years-old, he joins the show as Elliot’s new “BFF.” That is, if a BFF is someone who you barely know and whose biggest virtue seems to be that he does all the talking.

As Season 2 launches, Elliot is striving for normalcy and routine, and Leon offers clueless companionship. Also, in a rare moment of levity on the show, Leon has just discovered “Seinfeld” and spends most of his time obsessing on the same minutia that the rest of us did in 1993.

Joey Badass SOURCE: USA

Craig Robinson (Ray)

The funnyman from shows like “The Office” and movies like “Hot Tub Time Machine” shines in a rare dramatic role, playing a man from the neighborhood who might be trying to lure Elliot back into a life of crime.

Craig Robinson SOURCE: Getty

Grace Gummer (Dominique ‘Dom’ DiPierro)

Anyone who has seen “Ricki and the Flash” knows that Gummer has a lot more going for her than simply being Meryl Streep’s daughter. Now, the 30-year-old actress has joined “Mr. Robot” as Dominique DiPierro, a young federal agent determined to get to the bottom of the fsociety hacks.

mr robot grace gummer Mr. Robot Season 2: Get to know the new characters

Aasif Mandvi (Jesse)

Another special agent, the former “Daily Show” standout’s character assists DiPierro as fsociety’s battle against Wall Street — and society in general — continues to escalate in Season 2.

Aasif Mandvi SOURCE: Getty

“Mr. Robot” returns on Wednesday, July 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA Network.

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