Justin Bieber walks the red carpet at the MTV EMAs

The MTV Europe Music Awards don’t make the same headlines as the VMAs, but since they’re not as well-known, that means music’s best and brightest took the chance to wear some more unconventional styles on the event’s red carpet.

Now, whether or not all of those choices paid off is a different story. But there were plenty of stars who showed up looking fantastic at the event, with Ruby Rose and Ellie Goulding as two immediate standouts. Rose, who is co-hosting the event, dressed true to her androgynous style in a tuxedo-like suit and her hair slicked back in a french braid. The “OITNB” star looked like she owned that carpet.

Goulding went for a classic, mid-century movie star look, with minimal jewelry and a naked heel to accompany her form-fitting black satin gown. A deep neckline and a high slit on one side don’t often work, but Goulding pulled it off.

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Shay Mitchell’s look fully embraced the European glitz of the night, while Marco Mengoni’s sharp pinstriped suit did the same — tailoring made both outfits succeed.

Singer Charli XCX had a ’90s-inspired clingy gown that might seem like a misfire, but she committed so well to the look that she looks like a genuine Spice Girl. Similarly, girl group Fifth Harmony arrived wearing coordinated black outfits that also took inspiration from the recent past.

Meanwhile, “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashely Benson went with a bedazzled gown and loose, wavy hair, but the key to her look was the suit jacket draped over her shoulders. And Gregg Sulkin managed to balance the show’s informality with the polish of a suit by going sans tie and instead choosing a material with texture.

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And while plenty of stars looked fabulous on the red carpet, just as many had (huge) misfires. First and foremost, Justin Bieber arrived looking incredibly under-dressed, with a frayed red hoodie paired with a T-shirt and pants in competing reds.

Also under-dressed were several other men on the red carpet, from Jason Derulo, carrying an unlit cigar as one of his many accessories, to Pharrell Williams, who found possibly the most unflattering pair of jeans available, to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, who also seemed to think that the EMAs were some kind of afternoon picnic.

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And rounding out the red carpet were the outrageously attention-seeking outfits. Hailey Baldwin’s poorly-fitted minidress looks like an overly ambitious monokini. Talia Storm hugely misfired, with her netting dress, orange accents, and sky-high hair making her look like a trapped bird of some kind.

And Australian band Nervo’s black-and-white outfits look like a craft project gone horribly awry — too many details pull the eye.

So, which star walked the red carpet looking like the biggest trainwreck?

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins