Chris Pratt is the world's next great action hero, as evidenced by his MTV Movie Awards win for Best Action Performance in "Jurassic World." Thankfully, he knows the people truly behind his success and that's every other action star to ever make it in Hollywood.

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From Sylvester Stallone to Jean Claude Van Damme to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sigourney Weaver to Jackie Chan, Pratt thanked a long list of those the world has been watching kick butt for decades, but there's one very important name he forgot. Where was the love for Burt Macklin, Chris?

If ever there was a perfect place to shout out his "Parks and Recreation" alter ego FBI agent Burt Macklin, this was the time to do it. After all, as Amy Poehler pointed out in the evening the Movie Awards were taped on the 7-year anniversary of "Parks and Recreation's" series premiere.

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At least Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Charles Bronson, Brigitte Nielsen, Anthony Mackey, a slew of professional wrestlers and his wife Anna Farris made the list. Better luck next year, Burt. Eventually you'll get the respect you deserve.

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