If MTV knows how to cater to any audience, it’s the young people and those who identify with LGBTQ. Both groups take front seat with MTV’s resident private eye Nev Schulman on his new unscripted series, “MTV Suspect.”

The series followed the fifth season premiere of “Catfish” Wednesday night (Feb. 24), and the later show introduced Schulman’s new trusty sidekick, iO Tillett Wright. Wright is a photographer, actor, artist, writer and activist who has spoken on themes of gender, identity and the idea of living in your truth.

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In the new series, the duo will help people find and confront their loved ones’ secrets. Much like on “Catfish,” people seek Schulman for help through letters to the show.

If “Catfish” and “True Life” had a baby, it’d be “MTV Suspect.” The show’s premiere dove deep into underrepresented subcultures using Schulman’s top notch investigative skills.

The story here follows two African American parents, where we soon find out the wife is transitioning to male. Worried about her former lover’s health, her suspicions are proven correct when she noticed a change in her baby’s daddy: he was transitioning genders as well.

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“MTV Suspect” airs Wednesdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes