MTV's 'The Challenge' returns for Season 31

The first challenge doesn’t even taken place on the newest season of “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” before someone cheats (come on, Tony), alliances form, and brothers get into a fist fight (Again … come on, Tony).

For Season 31 of MTV’s competitive series, 14 players from “The Challenge,” “Real World,” and “Are You the One,”  are paired with family members for what host, TJ Lavin, promises is “going to be unlike anything we’ve ever done before.”

Here is the full cast battling for a share of the 350 thousand dollar winner’s prize money:

“Battle of the Exes II” – Nany and her cousin Nicole.

“Are You the One” Season 2 – Dario and twin brother Raphy.

“Battle of the Exes II” – Jenna and sister Brianna.

“The Real World: San Fransisco” – Cor and cousin Mitch.

“Battle of the Exes” – Camila with baby sister Larissa.

“The Challenge” veteran Cara Maria and cousin Jamie.

“The Challenge” veteran Johnny Bananas and cousin Vinny (Vince).

“The Challenge” veteran Leroy and cousin Candice.

“The Real World: Sydney”and “The Challenge” veteran Kellyanne and cousin, Anthony.

“Real World: Sydney” and “The Challenge” veteran Cohutta and his cousin, Jill.

“Real World: Chicago” and “The Challenge” veteran Aneesa and cousin Rianna.

“Are You the One” Season 2- Christina and sister Emily.

“Battle of the Exes II”- Thomas and twin brother Stephen.

“Real World: Skeletons”- Tony and little brother Shane.

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The cast talks a big game about how focused they are to win but, on the first night in their luxurious mountain top house in Bordum, Turkey, everyone parties until the sun comes up. Flirting, drinking, fighting … all the usual shenanigans from past seasons that audiences guiltily love to cringe-watch.

The first challenge, “Water Bottle,” leaves Jenna and Briana as the season’s first challenge losers, and with Cara Maria and Jamie’s help, Cohutta and Jill are the day’s champions. The winning southern duo must then pick one team to face off against Jenna and Brianna in The Pit, the twist being that they have to pick a team with at least one female on it.

After much deliberation, they pick Christina and Emily.

Of course, there’s one more twist. Only one member of the chosen teams will compete in the elimination challenge and it ends up being Christina versus Jenna playing “End of My Rope.” In a super close battle, Jenna comes out on top.

Goodbye, Christina and Emily!

These ladies are the first to go home from what is definitely going to be one crazy season of drama (CT is coming back!), partying (Candice threw up on the bus ride home from the club) and lots and lots of hook-ups. There’s already some love brewing between Aneesa and Cory, Kellyanne and Dario, Rianna and Mitch … who will pair up next? Who will fight it out next?

Find out what happens on Season 31 of “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” which airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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