my life is a lifetime movie lifetime 325 'My Life Is a Lifetime Movie' ... if you're Hailey Glassman or Eliot Spitzer's madamSaluting its much-discussed movies’ place in American pop culture, Lifetime unveils its unscripted series “My Life Is a Lifetime Movie” on Wednesday, Oct. 17, which recounts stranger-than-fiction true stories as told by the ladies who lived them.

The show’s highest-profile participants are Hailey Glassman, the then free-spirited coed who found herself at the center of Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marital implosion, and Kristin Davis, the finance executive-turned-high-end madam who spent four months in jail for her role in the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal. Both women say they welcomed a chance to tell their sides of the tales that made them household names — for better or worse.

“In no way, shape or form was I a victim,” Davis, who opened Wicked Models as a way to circumvent the glass ceiling she’d reached in her Wall Street career and to support her family — which she calls her ultimate definition of success — tells Zap2it. “I was the vice president of a multibillion-dollar hedge fund. I chose to start an illegal business based on the economics of the sex industry. I made my bed, and I take full responsibility for my actions. I wanted to make sure that that was part of the story that they conveyed.”

Glassman says that to her, Gosselin was not a TV star but just “this poor guy with 100 kids who was getting a divorce and was sleeping at my parents’ house” when their friendship turned into an ill-fated romance that launched her into a media spotlight she was ill-prepared to handle — especially when she and Jon split.

“Yes, I take responsibility for the things I said in the media, but I got to a point where I didn’t want to go down not swinging,” she says. “It’s all part of the entertainment industry that I couldn’t understand when I was 22 and still in college. I didn’t major in tabloid.”

Both women hope the takeaway from “My Life Is a Lifetime Movie” is that no matter your past, your future is up to you.

“I have never given any credence to silly excuses, because I think they’re an attempt to justify what we’ve done,” Davis says. “That’s not how I choose to live my life.”

“It’s never too late to prove to yourself and to those around you that you can overcome any situation,” Glassman says. “You can overcome what people say.”

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