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Fall 2015 is upon us, which means that at least for a few weeks, the TV landscape is a crowded place. But never fear, Zap2it is here to help you figure out what to watch live, what to stream or watch on your DVR later and what to skip altogether. All times ET/PT.

Hour one, 8 p.m.

Watch live: ‘Rosewood’ (FOX)

The advanced reviews haven’t exactly been stellar, but Morris Chestnut is the kind of affable actor you root for, and the plot of this new show is intriguing. Following the so-called “Beethoven of private pathologists” around Miami, Chestnut’s Dr. Beaumont Rosewood is a crime-solving expert with a bad heart that has him searching for the cure.

Give the new drama a chance, and see if it can win your heart.

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DVR/stream: ‘The Middle’ (ABC), ‘The Goldbergs’ (ABC), ‘Survivor’ (CBS)

Each of the aforementioned shows returns with its season premiere, and it’s pretty safe to say that if you’re a fan of that show, you know what you’re getting. A few slight changes: “Survivor: Second Chance” is in Cambodia this season and features 20 returning contestants selected by the fans.

With “Goldbergs,” expect more smothering and Murray in his underpants — but now, Adam is facing down every boy’s greatest fear: Puberty. And “The Middle,” which is somehow already on Season 6, has big changes for Sue as she gets ready to start college.

Skip: ‘The Mysteries of Laura’ (CBS)

Amazingly, this clunky “Cop Mom” show lived long enough to see a second season; that doesn’t mean you have to watch it.


Hour two, 9 p.m.

Watch live: ‘Empire’ (FOX)

Quite simply, there is nothing on television that brings the melodrama as consistently as this FOX favorite. And since we're just getting into Season 2, it's still plenty early enough to hop on the bandwagon. As Cookie seeks freedom for Lucious, it's clear that "Empire" is building up multiple-season storylines that will undoubtedly keep it around for quite some time.

DVR/stream: ‘Modern Family' (ABC), 'Black-ish' (ABC)

Season 7 of "Modern Family" has Haley and Adam continuing their will-they-or-won't-they storyline, and Alex heading off to college. "Black-ish," one of the true breakouts of the last TV season, is kicking off with a highly-publicized episode exploring the N-word; if last season is any indication, it will be as clever as it is hilarious.

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Skip: 'Law & Order: SVU' (NBC)

If you're like the rest of us, you spent most of the summer yearning for new TV and watching old "SVU" re-runs on basic cable. If you miss tonight's episode, no worries: It'll be airing on USA in steady rotation until the end of time.


Hour three, 10 p.m.

Watch live: ‘Nashville' (ABC)

Will Deacon live or die? What will become of Rayna's love life? What is the future for Highway 65? These questions and many more will be perched upon the lips of "Nashville" fans as they tune in for the season premiere. One of television's great guilty pleasures, if you're not already singing the "Nashville" song, here is a good chance to pick up your guitar and start strumming.

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DVR/stream: ‘Big Brother' (CBS)

If you're hooked on "Big Brother," there's nothing anybody's going to say to get you not to watch the season finale. But if you've got premiere-month-fever, plan accordingly and instead enjoy all the new/returning shows above.

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