Warning: Spoilers follow for “Nashville” Season 3, episode 2, “How Far Down Can I Go.” Please do not read any further if you are not caught up to this point. 

After months of speculating who Juliette Barnes’ baby daddy is, the truth has finally been revealed. There were many theories. Would that night with Jeff Fordham Juliette wished she could forget produce a child? Would it be Avery’s, or a total wild card like Charlie Wentworth’s?

Lo and behold, all the fighting and turmoil was for nothing. Juliette found out she is eight weeks along, so it is impossible for the baby to be Jeff’s since the incident only happened four weeks ago. This means unless Juliette hooked up with a ghost, a la “American Horror Story” Season 1, the baby is Avery’s or a (much less likely) Charlie’s. We are going to go with Avery though, since it seems like ages ago she slept with Charlie. But don’t rule him out as a possibility just yet.

The bad news is Avery is not too happy with Juliette right now. He’s already said he hated her and didn’t seem like he had changed his tune when Juliette was giving him back his things. To top it off Avery seems to be taking his heartache out on the new girl at work — let’s hope that’s just a one time thing.

Was Avery who you wanted to be the father of Juliette’s child? Can you imagine what it would be like if it was Jeff? Seriously, there has never been a sadder moment than when he commented on Juliette’s weight gain. Unknowingly of course, but still. We’re glad that insensitive jerk isn’t reproducing just yet. Now the big question is will Avery and Juliette be able to co-parent and will Juliette actually keep her little bundle of joy?

How long do you think it will take her to drop the bomb on Avery or do you believe in the slight chance it is Charlie’s? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins