rayna deacon nashville season 3 premiere 'Nashville' Season 3 premiere: Why Rayna made the wrong choice“Nashville” kicked off its third season with an explosive live premiere revealing interesting choices and the pregnancy announcement we’ve all been waiting for.

The biggest revelation of the night was surely who Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) picked to be her next husband — Deacon (Charles Esten) or Luke (Will Chase). Although both men are handsome and can offer Rayna love and affection, she ultimately made the wrong choice.

Warning: Spoilers are ahead for “Nashville” Season 3. Please do not read further if you are not up to date.

The country songstress chose to marry fellow superstar Luke Wheeler instead of the love of her life Deacon Claybourne. Isn’t there hope for true love in today’s world? Yes, Deacon is an alcoholic, which is something he will always struggle with. But the good outweighs the bad. Not only is he the father of one of Rayna’s little girls, but the connection they have is undeniable.

One could argue Luke has always been there for her. There was even a flashback from the Season 3 premiere featuring a ponytail sporting Luke helping a worn out Rayna find Deacon way back in the day when he had disappeared on a bender. Luke is just way too safe. Life is full of choices and this one will likely blow up in Rayna’s face. She could have at least waited to watch Deacon sing at The Bluebird.

A piece of our hearts melted away forever when he sang “I Know How to Love You Now” and the look in Rayna’s eyes said she knew she regretted her decision. Let’s hope passion ultimately prevails for the couple so Deacon can “show her” his love for years to come.

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Posted by:Sarah Huggins