hayden panettiere nashville 'Nashville's' Hayden Panettiere: Working on TV is 'like voting for a politician'Zap2it: You seem very comfortable singing on “Nashville.” What’s your background in music?

Hayden Panettiere: I did an album, just at that period in time I was trying to define who I was.

Zap2it: Your character, Juliette, seems pretty nasty and a lot less talented than Rayna, Connie Britton’s character. But is that how you see it?

Hayden Panettiere: To an outside audience it can come off that way. She can’t be here because she is unforgivable. You have to respect her to a certain degree, even though she is a little b**** some times.

Zap2it: Why do you think she is so nasty?

Hayden Panettiere: She is running from a very dark past. Her mother is a major drug addict.

Zap2it: You were on a hit show, “Heroes,” so you know what that feels like. Does “Nashville” have that feel to you, and is it something you’re mindful of when signing on?

Hayden Panettiere: Yes, we are potentially basing the next seven years of our lives on one script. You are basing a huge part of your life — it’s like voting for a politician and they promise you all of these things. You can only do the best job you can do. But if it’s not edited right, or publicized right …

Zap2it: Did you enjoy working on “Heroes?”

Hayden Panettiere: I loved “Heroes.” It took a while to get back into (a schedule for episodic TV). It is 10 months a year, and 10- to 12-hour days.

Zap2it: When you were on hiatus, what else did you do?

Hayden Panettiere: I didn’t do anything else. I was desperate to run and go off and have that freedom.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler