ncis new orleans lucas black cbs 'NCIS: New Orleans': Yes, Lucas Black was the kid on 'American Gothic'

Zap2it: How do you feel about the expectations for “NCIS: New Orleans”?
Lucas Black: That’s what was cool about wanting to be part of this project, the original “NCIS,” the success they’ve had. We knew that we were being joined with a bunch of winners, and that’s what you want. This group, you know, the platform they set … we got a little pressure, but we’ll see how we respond.
For someone who’s still reasonably young, you’ve had a long run in the business. How do you look back at being in it for so many years?
Well, I’ve been very fortunate with the group of people I’ve worked with, and then the movies I’ve done. When I first got the “American Gothic” series, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. [It was) an opportunity that came up. I was a kid, and it was rough.
I mean, I was 13 years old, working a lot of late hours, and I was a little scared of TV for a while. That’s the reason I chose to do the feature films that I did for a long period of time. When this opportunity arrived, and they needed an answer very quickly, I remember it was like, I got the script and I had 24 hours to decide.
I really didn’t know much about the show, and after looking into it and seeing what these guys have accomplished on the original “NCIS” and then heard it was going to be filmed in New Orleans, (that) was a big attraction to me, because I grew up in Alabama. It’s close to home. That got me excited.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin