necessary roughness john stamos gallery 325 usa 'Necessary Roughness': John Stamos gives away Super Bowl tickets

Zap2it: This season, you’re playing the owner of a global sports and marketing agency. Are you a sports fan?
John Stamos: My father used to say, “You go out of your way to hate sports!” “No, I just don’t get it.” I used to say, “Somebody has to lose.” With music or acting, there’s not always a loser. I tried to play golf with my dad, because he was a great golfer. If you’re over 98 or 99, they let you in free. I hit, sliced the ball. It flew past this woman’s temple by an inch and a half, and I almost killed her. That’s it. I can’t play anymore. My life would be like, “Hey, there’s John Stamos! Didn’t he almost kill a woman golfing?”
Zap2it: Many fans say that any sport is best enjoyed live. Have you tried that?
John Stamos: I went to the Super Bowl before with the Beach Boys. We played for a pregame, and I just gave my tickets away. We finished “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “Surfing USA.” I was in San Diego. I thought I was going to go and sit and watch some of it. For some reason, I got busy, and I thought, “My parents live so close to here, I’m going to leave. Do you want these tickets?” It’s easy to make someone happy. Just give them tickets.
Zap2it: Your father couldn’t get you to love sports, but what did he teach you that stuck?
John Stamos: My dad always said, “Be a pro. Know your stuff. Be nice to people. Work hard.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare