In one of the funniest mix-ups in recent memory, a Netflix glitch put subtitles from Aziz Ansari’s stand-up special “Live at Madison Square Garden” over a BBC nature documentary.

User BenMeiri84 posted his friend’s photos documenting the experience to Imgur and it’s really kind of amazing — the ones that are randomly silly are funny, but the true gems are the ones that kind of fit the situation. So perhaps maybe it wasn’t a glitch at all, but some Netflix tech employee with an excellent sense of humor.

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Also, who now wants to Kickstart an Aziz Ansari-narrated nature documentary? Or maybe David Attenborough doing stand-up?

Anyway, here are the highlights, but be sure to check out all 30 photos in the Imgur gallery.

These lady addaxes know what’s up.


The Bill Clinton of the plains


This duck talks tough …


But really, he’s a big chicken.


Poor lonely yak


Things took a strange turn for this little guy …


Family issues, amirite?


This one’s a little scary.


The look on that Tibetan sand fox’s face is priceless.

Buying the wrong toothbrush is the WORST.

khxw2g2 Netflix bug puts Aziz Ansari subtitles over a nature doc & the results are hilarious

This monkey is all of us.


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