By now, even the slowest among us has had ample time to get through all the love-triangling, dead-reviving, ninjas-with-bows-and-arrows action of “Daredevil” Season 2. Whether you hated it, liked it or loved it with a burning passion deeper than Punisher’s affection for black clothing, this much is clear: It sets up a Season 3 full of ripe storylines.

So, what does the future hold for Elektra, Punisher, Kingpin and the other denizens of Hell’s Kitchen? As long as you’ve finished Season 2, read on for where things go from here.

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Claire Temple

After a particularly hairy encounter with some zombie-fied hospital patients, Matt Murdoch’s “cut woman” became enraged at her employer’s decision to hide the nature of the attack, resigning in disgust. Look for that storyline to continue in the upcoming “Luke Cage,” where Dawson is confirmed to appear and Marvel says “her blossoming friendship with Cage will have a major impact on both characters’ lives.”

Although she often seems finished with the Daredevil, any Season 3 would undoubtedly continue Dawson’s streak as the Nick Fury of the Hell’s Kitchen universe.

Rosario Dawson and Charlie Cox on "Daredevil" SOURCE: Netflix

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When last we saw Frank Castle, he seemed to still be riddled with anguish (of course), but turning a corner. Moments before blowing up his old family home, he discovered a CD that most likely contains some sort of plot-advancing information.

There is still buzz surrounding a “Punisher” spin-off show, and in the eyes of many the character deserves it. But after his newfound bond with Daredevil (Castle was last seen using his sniper skills to aid the Man With No Fear), it seems likely that Season 3 would have them teaming up again. We’d also be willing to guess that Castle isn’t done with Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll), who truly has a love/hate dynamic with the vigilante.

Jon Bernthal as Punisher SOURCE: Netflix


Actress Elodie Yung made quite an impression as Elektra Natchios — almost enough of one, in fact, to make us finally forget Jennifer Garner. Revealed to be Black Sky, she was killed in the final episode just moments after she and Matt had promised their undying love to each other. But of course, this is “Daredevil,” and the Hand have shown an ability to make the dead rise — so, when Elektra was loaded into their rejuvenation booth in the final moments of Season 2, you’d be crazy to bet against her returning for Season 3.

The only question now is: In what form will Elektra return? And even more importantly: Who will she be fighting for?

Elodie Yung as Elektra on "Daredvevil" SOURCE: Netflix

Karen Page

The third corner in the Matt Murdoch/Elektra love triangle, Matt’s innocent blossoming romance with his office mate was a sweet start to Season 2 (remember that restaurant with all the lights?). But after Elektra showed up and complicated things, he seemed to focus more heavily on his ex-girlfriend.

With Elektra now ostensibly dead, you would think that Karen is in a good position to land her man. But in the final moments of Season 2, Matt revealed to her that he is in fact Daredevil. This raises all kinds of questions: Will Karen use her new reporter job to expose Matt’s secret? Will she still love him? And even if she does, is Matt sure that he wants to date a woman dumb enough to spend two full seasons not piecing together her blind employer’s copious wounds and scarring with the masked vigilante whose eyeholes are painted over? Come on Karen, you’re a journalist!

Karen Page "Daredevil" SOURCE: Netflix

The Kingpin

The only man in America who adjusts his cuffs more often than The Rock, Wilson Fisk is locked behind bars — but as we saw in Season 2, that hardly takes him out of the action. Our last glimpse of Fisk seems to have him on the verge of piecing together Daredevil’s true identity — and he definitely still has a knack for getting under Matt Murdoch’s skin.

Look for Kingpin to be a major player in Season 3, even more so than Season 2. But he’d better watch his back — if and when he gets out of prison, you can bet The Punisher will come calling.

Vincent D'Onofrio as The kingpin on "Daredevil" SOURCE: Netflix


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