Lest we forget that Netflix is hellbent on us never leaving our couch, the streaming giant has released a trailer and two date announcements for three brand new original series. And, lest we forget that Netflix is also hellbent on world domination, the announcement came out of a multi-slate media event in Berlin, Germany where even more series, movies, and stand-up specials where announced geared specifically for local European markets.

The new series coming soon to our shores include:

‘Amy Schumer: The Leather Special’ — March 7

“Every comic has some special where they wear all leather and they regret it later. It’s my f*ckin’ moment. Leather Special!” The trailer for Amy Schumer’s new comedy special, indeed titled “Leather Special” is full of exactly what you’d hope and expect: jokes about her vagina, sex, and the humble year she had becoming mega rich and famous. If the trailer is any indication of what the full special will be like, you may want to watch this with the volume turned down a bit!

‘13 Reasons Why’ March 31

Selena Gomez is getting into TV! The pop singer is making her executive producing debut with this fitting YA entry. “13 Reasons Why” follows high schooler Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) who finds a mysterious box on his porch one day after school.

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Inside, he discovers tapes recorded by Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) – his classmate and crush – who has tragically committed suicide. Hannah’s tapes lead Clay on an emotional journey through the oft-harrowing emotional lives of today’s teens.

‘GLOW’ – June 23

Leotards. Tights. Wresting ropes. This can only mean that the Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling are making a comeback to remind everyone: women don’t sweat, they glow.

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Here’s what we know: Set in 1985 Los Angeles, “GLOW” follows Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), a struggling out-of-work actress as she auditions for, trains and eventually makes the first-ever women’s wrestling TV show. If this holds onto any of that original “GLOW” greatness, things are gonna get hilariously weird.

‘Mindhunter’ – October

Less can be gleaned about this presumed psychological thriller from the 1-minute teaser, but we do know it’s Netflix’s second run with director David Fincher, who brought to life their very first hit series “House of Cards”; that it stars Jonathan Groff (“Looking”), Holt McCallanay (“Sully”), Anna Torv (“Fringe”) and Hannah Gross (“Unless”); and we saw a lot of wounded butterflies in that blood-spattered Rorschach test, so we may need to go get our heads checked…

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