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Zap2it: What do you consider the major differences of “New Day” to be?
Chris Cuomo: I will travel a lot in the field, a lot more than people are used to seeing morning anchors do. I will cover more news. That’s part of the opportunity, and another part that’s specific to cable has to do with the dialogue.
Other cable networks have chosen agendas, very distinct sets of ideas, to deal with in the morning. I believe that has created an appetite for a third way, for noncynical, nonpartisan, critical analysis. People want it. Politicians are learning that, and I think the media is going to learn it … and I think CNN is perfectly positioned at the exact time for it.
Zap2it: How closely does that match what your career aims were in joining CNN?

Chris Cuomo: Being what I guess is now called “an advocacy journalist,” having that as a significant part of the work that I do, was what they wanted here. I’m a reporter. I like to be out there and pick up people’s causes and be involved in things that are sometimes controversial. That’s the way they want to go here, so it was a great fit.
Zap2it: How has your move from broadcast to cable been?

Chris Cuomo: I’ve had all these personal firsts since I’ve come here — the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent on air, the longest time I’ve ever spent anchoring. There’s just so much, and such a diversity of story pallet, it’s really been challenging for me. It’s great to have new experiences in a profession I’ve already been doing for a long time.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin