When “Fear the Walking Dead” fans last saw Nick (Frank Dillane), he was leaving his family behind as he decided to face the zombie apocalypse by himself, covered in walker blood to disguise his scent.

The AMC series is currently on a break before returning for the rest of its Season 2 episodes, but new images released ahead of the show’s appearance at San Diego Comic-Con shed some light on what exactly happened to Nick as he walked away from his family.

Frank Dillane on 'Fear the Walking Dead'

In the image, Nick has found himself away from the coast where he was last seen. Now he’s simply making a long walk down a very lengthy stretch of highway. His clothes are still bloody, but this time he isn’t surrounded by walkers. It’s unclear exactly where Nick’s heading, but chances are he doesn’t have a destination in mind.

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Still, when the series returns for the second half of Season 2, it shouldn’t be too long before he’s reunited with his family. So much of this show is about their struggle and with the family so fragmented — Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) also struck out on their own — they’re going to have to end up together sooner or later.

When they do finally find each other again, there’s also still that pesky matter of the apocalypse that they’ll have to face. As the other new photo above shows, there will be no end to the zombies coming after them for food.

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