Ensemble shows like “New Girl” have the luxury of playing around with different combinations of characters for the various A, B and C storylines each week. Dec. 6’s “Es Good” treated us to the elusive pairing of Winston (Lamorne Morris) and Cece (Hannah Simone), reminding us that these two should be paired together far more often.

The set-up is that as people who are happily ensconced in strong relationships, Winston and Cece become overly invested in Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Robby’s (Nelson Franklin) budding relationship. Enter the classic sitcom meddling, wherein Winston and Cece help their friends realize they want to exclusively date each other.

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If it feels like a slightly weak way to throw the super-combo of Winston and Cece together, it’s only because this Jess-Robby storyline feels like a complete waste of time to begin with — mostly it is there to give Jess something to do on her way to getting back together with Nick (Jake Johnson) by the end of the season, without seeming too lost or depressed in the interim.

But we will give thanks that these Robby/Jess shenanigans did give us a chance to see the show’s most realistic, least cartoonish character paired with the show’s most outlandish, too-weird-to-be-real character. We’ll let you figure out which is which …

winston cece joan new girl New Girls best couple is definitely Winston & Cece

It also built to a nice realization on both Winston and Cece’s part that perhaps the reason they are so obsessed with Jess’ love life is because they’re worried about their own love lives becoming too boring — which is a solid way to wrap up the dumb Jess/Robby storyline: At least Winston and Cece’s fears are something grounded and relatable.

Also, Winston and Cece should have a web series where they sit in the kitchen drinking wine and judging the hijinks the other characters get into. We would watch the hell out of that.

winston cece wine new girl New Girls best couple is definitely Winston & Cece

winston cece wine 2 new girl New Girls best couple is definitely Winston & Cece

And take heart, Wece (Cinston?) fans — by the look of the photos for the Jan. 3 episode, “Raisin’s Back,” we’re in for more Winston and Cece together. As it should be.

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