Turns out actor Max Greenfield is quite the impressionist.

On Monday's (March 7) "Late Show," Stephen Colbert asked Greenfield to show off his impersonation described as "your character Schmidt on 'New Girl' doing an impression of John Travolta doing his performance as Robert Shapiro on 'American Crime Story.'"

That sounds like either the best or most terrifying crossover of all time. But it doesn't make Greenfield's impression any less awesome.

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"We have a new baby at home and I've been tired," says Greenfield as way of explanatiaon. "So I decided I would do some John Travolta during takes and see if anybody noticed ... [the director] yelled in from video village, 'Max, can we do one take when you're in character please?' because I was playing Travolta throughout a lot of the takes."

Then the impression starts and it's glorious.

"Stephen, before I take any criminal case, I like to ask -- I like to ask the client one question. Now, there won't be any judgments. Stephen, did you do it?" says Greenfield as Schmidt as Travolta as Shapiro.

He also wants to add that he's not making fun of Travolta. "It's the best performance on TV right now, John Travolta's one of my favorite actors. Just the best."

The moral of the story? Everyone and their mother is watching "People v. O.J. Simpson," and "New Girl" should totally release outtakes where Greenfield is doing Travolta.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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