Nick Offerman stopped by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Monday (Nov. 9) for not one, but two segments -- and, as always, the "Parks and Recreation" star was amazing.

The best part is when Fallon and Offerman "Lady and the Tramp'd" their way on a giant kielbasa baked inside a loaf of bread as part of Offerman's "favorite meats" segment.

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He also introduces Fallon to "turducken-fed pork," also known as the "flying pig." Offerman says it has "a nutty, meaty flavor with hints of shoe leather and mink oil and just a touch of regret."

During the monologue, Offerman took some time to read the descriptions of some of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2015 -- and give his own personal advice regarding a few items.

When describing a bath & body lotion set, Offerman says, "Personally I have no idea what the hell half those words mean, but if you would like to smell like Oprah, just shut up and wear it."

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On the modern sprout garden, Offerman says, "Let me nutshell this for you -- it's plants in a jar."

The best is the "faux-fur pet jacket" selection, to which Offerman says, "Your dog's about to get more a** than you've gotten in your entire life."

Nick Offerman, ladies and gentlemen!

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