Claire Coffee and Jacqueline Toboni on "Grimm"

As the midway point of “Grimm” Season 5 begins, Nick is still spending more time scrambling around looking for answers than actually getting them. That is, until Trubel comes back into his life.

On its surface, Wesen were attacking Wesen in a coordinated attack that Nick and Hank were investigating. But the real star of the episode entitled “Wesen Nacht” was Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni), who has returned to the show bearing an arm-load of valuable exposition. And some clues that lead to … someone you’d never suspect.

Read on for all the details, but beware … like a Wesen revealing himself, spoilers are about to be unleashed.

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The troubled (get it?) character has been missing-in-action since the end of last season, and now that Truble is back with Nick and Adalind, she is able to shed some light — albeit a bit vague — on the “organization” that had her, as well as their four-claw signature.

But before the show has time to get too deeply into that information, one of the show’s highlights came when Adalind coughed up some of her own, via a heart-to-heart with Trubel that revealed the current state of play between baby Kelly’s parents.

“Now that we’re living together, I thought we should get to know one another,” says Adalind.

“You guys are living together,” observes Trubel. “And sharing the same room.”

“No, that’s just because I get scared,” she shoots back, attempting to define the relationship that has them awkwardly overseeing their son. “We’re not sleeping together. We’re just sleeping next to each other.”

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While the tension mounted, Monroe, Nick and the others continued to follow clues on the Wesen attack. The collective went to meet up with some bad Wesen in a creepy, abandoned warehouse (is there any other kind?), guns drawn.

But after she found out that Xavier had set them all up, Rosalee had just enough time to call Monroe and do her best Admiral Akbar imitation: “It’s a trap!”

After much shooting and carnage, Nick looked up to see a shadowy figure. Shocked, he says the name of the woman whose death he’s been trying to avenge all season long. “Juliette?”

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