Despite Pine's (Tom Hiddleston) stunning transformation from law-abiding citizen to degenerate criminal, Jed Marshall (Elizabeth Debicki) is the one to take center stage in Tuesday's (April 26) episode of "The Night Manager," giving us a vastly different look at her character than most probably expected.

When she first came on the scene, Jed appeared to be nothing more than Roper's (Hugh Laurie) ultra-sexy, ultra-two-dimensional mistress; a bit of a Barbie doll, hanging on his arm until a newer model could be acquired.

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In her second episode, Jed proves she's not just a pretty face, and her relationship with Roper is anything but two-dimensional.

Hugh Laurie attributes a great deal of Jed's complexity to Debicki's performance. "It's partly a testament to the incredible performance by Elizabeth Debicki -- when people talk about incredible performances, what I mean is credible performances. She has invested Jed with a sort of -- she is so much more than the decorative babe."

Underneath the facade of a pretty young thing Roper keeps around, Jed obviously has a darker past she's dealing with, if her phone call with her mother is any indication.

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"She's so good at crafting this persona, this mistress persona," Debicki says, "And it's relatively seamless up until a point in the story. You know, there aren't that many cracks in the veneer."

We still don't know how Jed and Roper met or how they came to be together, but their story is one that should provide a few juicy twists and turns especially with Pine now thrown into the mix.

In a crime family like this, everyone has a role to play, and Jed's role is still undecided.

"The Night Manager" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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