sara schaefer nikki and sara 325 mtv 'Nikki &Sara Live!'s' Sara Schaefer: 'I am hoping for the super famous'Zap2it: What is your goal with “Nikki & Sara LIVE!”?

Sara Schaefer: We want to do a lot about celebrity culture stuff, what’s happening on the Internet, commenting in a fun way, and we also want to say things that need to be said, not snarky but pointing to the silly stuff Hollywood does.

Zap2it: And it’s a mixture of live and taped?

Sara Schaefer: Yes, a half-hour once a week. The live part is terrifying.

Zap2it: But you have done stand-up. Doesn’t that help?

Sara Schaefer: The beginning of the show will be monologue-type shows, and Nikki and I will go back and forth about celebrity news and whatever has been happening that week. If the Oscars are happening, we might go deeper into them.

Zap2it: Who are you hoping to land for celebrity interviews?

Sara Schaefer: I am hoping for the super famous. We don’t have anyone official yet, but the names we have been tossing around, we want to interview people we love, especially Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. Regardless of who it is, someone who is fun.

Zap2it: Your look for the show is very downtown fun. Is that your everyday look?

Sara Schaefer: I am not, like, a glam person, and I don’t like to be overly dressed up. I like that cute middle ground, a skirt with a flannel shirt. I like casual with dressy, one crazy piece and the rest is very simple. That is kind of how I like to do things in my normal life. I am all about leggings, and I wear my boyfriend’s flannel shirt.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler