Zap2it: At least outwardly, your character McCarthy is a principal villain of ‘Hunters.‘ How do you perceive him?

Julian McMahon: I play this character that, on the surface, appears to be quite a brutal character … but really, at the core of who he is is this guy who really wants to be respected, to be understood, to be accepted. And so even though I do play the aggressive character in the piece, he’s not without his own kind of conscience and his own needs and his own desires. He eventually becomes almost a sympathetic character to a certain extent, if you can believe that from what you see on the screen.

What, to you, makes ‘Hunters’ stand out among the many sagas of humans vs. aliens?

The thing that creates a little bit of a difference in regards to this piece is [that] the aliens actually come in human form, so they’re not coming as a little green Martian or some kind of oval-faced thing with large eyes, or whatever else is that we’ve seen as aliens are depicted. They actually are very specifically in human form.

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That’s really interesting, because it’s really about almost looking in the mirror when you start talking about character and that kind of development and what it is as a culture. Where we head in the direction in this show has a lot to do with humans facing each other, looking in the mirror. I think that’s kind of an interesting thing that separates it a little bit from others in this genre as well.

How easy – or not — is it for you to buy into the show’s concept?

I have some friends who honestly believe that aliens exist on the planet. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine just before Christmas and she so adamantly believes it that, by the end of the conversation, I started believing that she was more right than I was.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin