After Evie’s (Tori Anderson) calming presence rescues her ex Timothy (Jesse Rath) from ruining his own TED Talk on sex & tech, he got clarity that he’ll never have a future if he can’t get away from her.

The Nov. 22 episode doubles down on the continuing tension between self-actualization and self-obsession that is the show’s most interesting theme: Evie is pursuing a friendship with him and a romance with someone else, which works out fine for her — but as his biorhythmic response shows us — things aren’t as simple for him: She’s his point of calm in the place that’s so far from his comfort zone it might as well be a different planet… But she’s made it clear to him their romance is over.

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Timothy knows he needs to move on, and while it’s not malicious and entirely innocent, the facts are that he can’t do that so long as Evie still has so much emotional power over him: Their friendship has to end. While Evie agrees, she expresses hope that it’s not forever: A sweet and optimistic thing to say, at least on the surface… But the truth is, there’s often a weird cynicism at play in “No Tomorrow.”

After all, it’s a show about somebody who is convinced the world is going to end — and while it’s doubtful the Cybermart crew will actually face Armageddon, it seems likely that Evie and Xavier’s relationship will definitely be ending at some point… At least temporarily! As charming as Jesse Rath’s Timothy remains, the chemistry between Evie and Joshua Sasse’s Xavier is just too strong to waste on a piddly friendship.

Evie has never seemed like a love genius, but — to borrow a line from “Sex and the City” — she must realize she and Xavier are “expiration dating.” If the world ends, their relationship ends. If it doesn’t end, she’ll have to decide if “carpe diem” is a solid enough base for a relationship.

And it might not be up to her. Whether Evie’s picked up on it or not, there are plenty of clues in Xavier’s past that hint at some mental and emotional trouble. Maybe a part of him wants the world to end. When it doesn’t, fun Xavier may disappear — and sweet, steady Timothy may seem more appealing.

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If Evie’s looking at it like that at all, telling Timothy she hopes they can be friends in the future isn’t so much a keen interest in his emotional well-being as it is a reservation for him to look after hers, sometime in the future. But either way, that point of calamity is still several months off. Timothy needs to gain some inner fortitude before then — either for the coming apocalypse, which will require mad survival skills, or because Evie’s going to break his heart again.

“No Tomorrow” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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