If you’re waiting to see if one of the stars of “Frequency” slips up and reveals who the Nightingale Killer is, you’re about to be sorely disappointed.

All seasons, fans have been watching out for little clues and hints about who this killer is, and what he wants with Raimy (Peyton List). More importantly, we want to know how she and Frank (Riley Smith) can keep her mom safe when she’s quite literally marked for death.

But according to List and Smith, the identity of the killer is such a big secret that even they’ve got no clue who it could be.

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“We’re kind of guessing right now with everybody else,” Smith says. “It’s funny; my mom always calls, like, literally every day, she’s like ‘Jackie at the grocery store is just dying to know who the Nightingale is!’ I’m like ‘I don’t know.’ I really don’t. And honestly, with the way the writers write, I could make ten guesses and I probably wouldn’t be right. They probably have something really clever up their sleeves. I’m just gonna follow my leads as Frank gets ’em.”

The way things are going right now, we wouldn’t be surprised if Frank’s next fifty leads arrive at dead ends or more red herrings — as if time travel wasn’t enough, now we’ve got a full on murder mystery to worry about every week.

Peyton List bemoaned the writers’ decision to keep her in the dark, but she remains more than willing to speculate.

“I don’t know, I think it’s Frank,” List jokes. “Yeah, I have no idea. I’m really interested to see who it finally pans out to be. Because [the timeline has] changed so much, but this one thing has stayed the same, so yeah, I’m curious to see who it winds up being.”

For all her joking, it could NEVER be Frank, right? Right?!

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The more you think on it, the crazier this theory gets. Through all the changes and shifts the timeline has gone through, the Nightingale Killer has pretty much stayed the same through it all. Except for when Raimy first changed the timeline; when she saved Frank.

Forgive us for our paranoia, but Frank suddenly survives a fatal gunshot wound and lives another 15 years, and the Nightingale Killer’s murder spree suddenly extends to another handful of victims? But everything else they attempt to do to foil this serial killer has almost no effect on the outcome?

Following that logic to the natural conclusion means that Frank actually could be this killer.

We’re sure we’ll laugh this off when they inevitably catch the real killer — after all, why would Frank kill his own beloved wife? — but man, this theory is going to fester until then.

“Frequency” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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