They may no longer be professional quarterbacks, but Tug Tanner (Tug Coker) and Tommy Arondall (Tommy Dewey) are showing just how difficult life off the field can be in the next episode of Go90's "Now We're Talking."

The comedy streaming series, produced by Verizon, Warner Bros. and Uninterrupted, follows Tug and Tommy as they leave football behind to enter the lucrative world of ... sports broadcasting. The series follows these two meat heads, as they go back to school to learn about the other side of the game in an attempt to become the best sportscasters around. Spoiler: They're not doing very well.

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In the exclusive clip above, Tug learns what happens when he screws up in front of one of the most respected sportscasters in the game, "FOX NFL Sunday's" Curt Menefee. After stumbling over his words, Tug is mocked by the veteran broadcaster. "You know, Tug always did have a special skill or coming up small in the big moments," Menefee says.

With Tug branded a choker, he becomes an easy target of ridicule from the class. At least Tommy seems to have gotten away free and clear without being made fun of.

You can catch new episodes of "Now We're Talking" Wednesdays on the Go90 streaming platform.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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