eric young off the hook ap 325 2 'Off the Hook: Extreme Catches' Eric Young: Passion for wrestling 'will never go away'

Zap2it: What would you say to a fan who decides to try some of the more extreme fishing stunts you do on “Off the Hook: Extreme Catches”?
Eric Young: The guys I am with are at the highest level there is, and a lot of preparation goes into making sure that I am comfortable with it. With a lot of these styles of fishing, you definitely do not want to go, “Hey, I’m going to buy a wet suit and jump in the ocean, no problem.” I am getting the best of the best training before I do this, and it’s still pretty crazy.
Zap2it: Have you always been an outdoorsy kind of guy?
Eric Young: Yeah, camping and fishing and just being outside have always been a passion of mine. I’m not that good at it, and I don’t pretend to be, but it just fascinates me. I was a guy who would just do it in relaxing fashion, sitting on a boat or a dock and just hanging out with some friends or my dad.
Zap2it: Does this show indicate that you’re moving away from wrestling?
Eric Young: Wrestling is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was 6. In the world there’s probably anywhere from 200,000 to 400,000 professional wrestlers, but there might be only 120 jobs, people who are able to do it for a living. I am one of the people, and I have worked a long time to make it there. It’s one of my passions, and that will never go away.
Posted by:John Crook