Olympic gold-winning Korean figure skater Kim Yu-Na  has been under tremendous competitive pressure this week, culminating with her capturing the gold last night. 
She’s also been the subject of scrutiny on the Web with rumors about figure skating’s newest ‘It Girl’ having had plastic surgery to make herself more beautiful. Her reps deny it emphatically. 
The video posted above purports to show her before and after photos. But for the life of The Dish Rag, we can’t see what they’re talking about. Can you a difference? 

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Did the pressure get to her last night? After skating a performance that got her a world record score of 150.06 for the long program and a record total of 228.56 points for short and long, the normally stoic Kim cried as she waved to the crowd.
“I don’t know why,” Kim explained afterwards. “It just turned out that way. I think I was just very emotional. I can’t believe this day has finally come for me.”
Congrats, Kim! Pay no mind to the rumors.
Photo credit: Getty Images

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