2014 winter olympics womens hockey usa canada gi Olympics 2014 women's hockey: Canada beats USA for gold in overtime

The USA women’s hockey team looked set to beat Canada 2-1 for the gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Playing late into the Russian night, it wasn’t until the last minute of regular play that Canada tied the score at 2-2. Overtime play would decide the gold.

While nothing much happened in the first period of play, the American team began to dominate the ice in the second period. A goal by Meghan Duggan in the second half of that period put the Americans ahead 1-0. That trend continued in the final period of regular play, with another US goal by Alex Carpenter on an early power-play.

With over half of the final period over and done, it looked like a clear victory for the US. That is, until Canada managed a goal with only about 3 minutes left (by Brianne Jenner and Marie-Philip Poulin). The game stood at 2-1 as the Canadian team pulled the goalie for a final attempt.

It looked ready to backfire as a shot across the ice toward the Canadian goal missed by inches, bouncing off the post instead. Apparently unworried about this near miss, Canada kept that goal empty for the remaining minutes.

The choice paid off. With only 54 seconds left on the clock, Poulin scored again. As time wound down, it was suddenly a tied game heading into overtime.

For the 20-minute sudden-death overtime, penalties and power plays didn’t make much of a difference for the first half. Then, with a final power play expiring and the Canadian goalie pulled again, Canada’s Poulin took a shot and got the goal.

In a shocker, Canada won the gold medal with that goal. Only 15 minutes of gameplay earlier, it should have been impossible.

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