Typically, reporters are content to stay out of the spotlight and report on the news, rather than become it. But thanks to an unexpected smooch, one Olympic journalist has suddenly become the star of the latest viral video to explode on the Web.

In the middle of a recent stand-up report outside a soccer match, a Muslim reporter was blindsided by a blonde fan who seemingly had a few drinks in celebration of watching the world’s top athletes. Sneaking up behind him, she whispered “Thank you” before putting her arm around the reporter and planting a kiss on his cheek.

While his behind-the-camera co-workers cheered, the girl in the English soccer jersey ran off as quickly as she had approached. The Sky News Arabia reporter, flashing a big smile, then tried to recover and finish his report.

“I truly am fasting,” the reporter joked afterward, according to a translation by Yahoo Sports, who points out that this month is Ramadan – a time when Muslims are supposed to abstain from food, liquids and kissing.

His interrupted report from outside the Old Trafford became a viral sensation almost immediately. Good Morning America and other news shows slowed down the footage and commented on it extensively, while the unknown woman received her fifteen minutes of fame, even if no one seems to knows her name.

For now, the “kiss video” seems to have become something of a manifestation of the love people have towards Olympic athletes and the goodwill towards the games themselves. At least one trend-watching website has called the viral clip “the most noteworthy video” to come out of the 2012 Olympic games thus far. 

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