colin o donoghue once upon a time abc 'Once Upon a Time': Colin O'Donoghue still hasn't shot with Dalmatians in Season 4Sorry, ladies of the world, but as of Dec. 12, when Colin O’Donoghue had filmed “Once Upon a Time” Season 4, episode 14, he still hadn’t shared a scene with any Dalmatian puppies.

Even though there has been a decided lack of dogs in his life onscreen, O’Donoghue still has the most important pooch in his life in Vancouver, where “Once” shoots. “I have my own dog at home, so I play with him. … I have him on set with me,” he tells Zap2it over coffee, pulling out a photo of his pup dressed as Batman for Halloween. “He was miserable,” he recalls.

Even though Hook isn’t sharing the screen with any Dalmatians in Season 4 thus far (though he did have some Pongo scenes in Season 2), “that’s not to say that Hook doesn’t necessarily have a past with one of the evil ones,” O’Donoghue teases.
Viewers saw the Queens of Darkness — Cruella de Vil, Ursula and Maleficent — in Dec. 14’s fall finale, but didn’t get to know them very much. That development will all be saved for the second half of Season 4, though O’Donoghue offers fans a bit of setup for their characters.

“The Ursula we saw [in Season 3] was Regina, so [this is] a very different type of Ursula. They can expect, certainly with Maleficent, she’s very much the same — but also a lot of time has passed,” he says. “People will be pleasantly surprised by how they fit into the story, and how great a departure the second half of the season is to the ‘Frozen’ stuff, which was an amazing thing to have on the show.”

As of episode 14, O’Donoghue hasn’t had much time to act opposite the Queens of Darkness, which he says is “just the way that the storyline goes.” But he does say he’s excited to work with them down the road.
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“You definitely see in the second half of the season where Hook is integrating a little bit more into Storybooke life,” he says. “It’s been difficult because every interaction he’s had with people has been helping save the world somehow. We see where he kind of begins to make connections with other people.”

During the interview, O’Donoghue also reveals what he’d like to see “Once” do with Hook next: “I’d like to explore a little more of Hook’s past past, a much younger Hook. I want to know what went on with his father. There’s tons of stuff. I’m very lucky I get to play a character who’s very complicated and at times can be very dark and at other times can be very light and charming. You don’t often get to do that.”

“Once Upon a Time” returns to ABC March 1.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz