Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) big secret about killing Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) grandfather didn’t last half as long as we expected, but that’s what you get when you try to burn your dreamcatcher memories in your fiancée’s fireplace.

Instead of owning up to what he did, Hook decided to burn his dreamcatcher and destroy the memory of ever killing David’s (Josh Dallas) father. Even Rumple (Robert Carlyle) would have called that the coward’s way out. Emma managed to catch him in the act (and was somehow able to recognize a grandfather, that died 20 years before she was born, on sight?) and the whole thing came out in a big, messy fight.

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The trust issue has been a big one in Hook and Emma’s relationship, so it’s not surprising that she was more upset about his lies to than his actual crime. Hook did bring up a good point though: How was he supposed to sit at her parents’ dinner table and smile along like he hadn’t destroyed David’s chance at having a good, loving father?

The whole thing could have gotten resolved if not for Gideon (Giles Matthey) though.

Just when Hook had decided to own up to his mistakes and face this problem head on, instead of escaping on the Nautilus with Captain Nemo (Faran Tahir), Gideon decided to get the voyage underway on his own — with Hook on board.

Gideon’s parting line has us wondering what his plans are. “Sorry to commandeer your vessel, Captain, but for what I have planned, you can’t be in Storybrooke.”

Banishing Hook from Storybrooke is bad enough, since it will no doubt shift the heroes’ mission away from defeating Gideon to saving Hook. There’s one tiny problem with that logic though — Emma thinks Hook left her. Her mournful look out the window as she hopelessly decided to turn the porch light off is a pretty clear indicator that from her point of view, Hook decided to cut and run when things got tough.

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Could Gideon’s new plan for Emma be more insidious than drawing her attention towards saving Hook? If he’s playing the long game, he could be trying to isolate Emma (emotionally and physically) from the people who love her most. Messing with a person’s mind that way is pretty low, but we’re pretty sure Emma’s abandonment issues are not going to mix well with the notion that Hook decided to run away instead of stay and fight for her.

With Rumplestiltskin now on his side, Gideon is a more dangerous enemy than ever, and Storybrooke is teeing itself up for a magical death match — literally.

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