The midseason finale of “Once Upon a Time” felt like information overload, with miraculous resurrections, fake realities and one huge revelation: who’s under that hood?

After finding out that Blue’s (Keegan Connor Tracy) plan to take baby Gideon (Gilles Matthey) far, far away from his parents didn’t go quite as planned, the hunt is on for Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) and Belle’s (Emilie de Ravin) newborn child. Unfortunately, everyone in Storybrooke has at least two evil family members, and Rumple’s mother — aka the Black Fairy (Jaime Murray) — intercepts Blue and takes Gideon away to a mysterious dark land, where time moves differently.

We now know an all-grown-up Gideon is under the hood in Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) vision, but ultimately we’ve still got way more questions than answers left.

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Where did the Black Fairy take Gideon?

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As far as motives go, the Black Fairy has a rep for stealing babies, just like her son. But where does she take them? This dark new realm where even Rumple’s magic can’t go sounds like the worst place to grow up, and this is coming from a show that’s already sent us to the Underworld, Oz and Neverland.

Why does Gideon want to kill Emma?

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Now that Gideon is all grown up, it makes sense that his first move would be to seek out his mother and father. But why is killing Emma on his to-do list? Is he under the control of the Black Fairy (who also shouldn’t have a beef with Emma as far as we know) or does Gideon just like to kill Saviors for sport?

How will Emma & Regina return to Storybrooke?

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After wasting their magic bean and blowing their only shot to travel back to Storybrooke, Emma and Regina are well and truly stuck in a fake wish universe. Unless they can find another portal, we can’t see how they’ll ever return home again.

What’s up with the new Robin Hood?

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At last, Robin (Sean Maguire) is back! But is he really? Emma and Regina (Lana Parrilla) did a pretty good job of establishing that the universe they’re in is a total fake, and no one in it is real. Still, that didn’t stop Regina from staying there the second she saw Robin alive and well. Can this Robin travel back to Storybrooke with them? Or is he just an illusion?

Will Snow & Charming ever break their mutual sleeping curse?

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Poor Snow and Charming are still alternating who’s awake and asleep in this new curse of theirs. With the Evil Queen out of the picture, Emma and Regina trapped in wish world and Gideon on the loose, these two need to find a way to break their curse for good. There’s a shortage of good guys in town, after all.

Will we be seeing more of the Evil Queen?

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Gideon did us all the favor of turning the Evil Queen into a snake, giving her everything she deserves. However, is this the last we’ve seen of the Evil Queen? It would be a bad move to turn her into a human again, but that might be the only way to wake up Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David (Josh Dallas).

“Once Upon a Time” returns in March of 2017.

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