once upon a time season 4 hook emma abc Hook will ease Emma's 'Frozen' loneliness when 'Once Upon a Time' returnsEmma (Jennifer Morrison) lost the closest thing she had to a sister when Elsa (Georgina Haig) left with Anna (Elizabeth Lail) to return to Arendelle in “Once Upon a Time’s” Season 4 fall finale. But don’t worry, because Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) is around to fill that void in her life.

“She probably feels a little bit of a loss only because Elsa and Emma did get close, but then she also has a boyfriend to kind of take a little bit of that away,” O’Donoghue tells Zap2it during an interview in Vancouver, where “Once” films.

Don’t expect the series to linger on any loss Emma is feeling — especially since she already has solidified her girlmance with Regina (Lana Parrilla) now that they’re drinking buddies. As O’Donoghue notes, this is Storybrooke we’re dealing with, meaning “it’s not too long before something else happens” to distract everyone. At least Hook and Emma’s relationship is a “very real thing for both of them,” and both characters are trying to make things work. 

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“I think what it is, is the connection that Hook and Emma have. Nobody’s really had the same thing because both have experienced similar things in their past and sort of been abandoned as kids,” he says. “Both of them are thieves. Emma’s done the wrong thing at the wrong time as well for whatever reasons she’s felt were necessary. They kind of see that in each other.”

“Once Upon a Time” definitely believes in the concept of soulmates. Emma has had a number of different love interests throughout the series, but is Hook her OTP (one true pairing) — or OTL (one true love), in this case?

“At the moment I would say soulmates is a big one, but they love each other,” O’Donoghue carefully answers. “They’re in the process of realizing that love or whatever. It’s all that kind of fresh, exciting thing that happens in a new relationship — only unfortunately they live in Storybooke where every single day they have to fight snow monsters.” 

He notes of their seasons-long courtship, “There’s always an interruption.”

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If there weren’t constant distractions for the pair, O’Donoghue believes Hook would be a great emotional support system for Emma. “They’ve definitely had deep and meaningful conversations in past episodes. They could probably trade makeup secrets and stuff,” he says.

Going forward into the second half of Season 4, which premieres March 1, O’Donoghue is looking forward to seeing Emma and Hook’s relationship mature. “I’m interested to see how Hook and Emma will develop, what sort of bumps there will be and what kind of problems they might encounter or how they will deal with that and get over it,” he says. 

As for Hook’s other true love, his ship the Jolly Roger, O’Donoghue says “we might” see it again soon.

“I do miss it, and I’d be very happy to see it back,” he says. “[Hook] definitely misses his ship — it’s his ship, you know what I mean?”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz