Ever since we saw Killian (Colin O’Donoghue) pull that ring out of his pocket, it’s been pretty clear that “Once Upon a Time’s” big engagement/wedding in Season 6 would be between him and Emma (Jennifer Morrison). Now that we have all the details though, we’re wondering if this engagement wasn’t just built to break.

There are pretty much only two reasons a TV couple gets engaged. The first is to, of course, get them married. The second is to break them up for good (or at least for a good long time).

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Think back on all those happy engagements for your favorite TV couples. “Arrow’s” Oliver and Felicity? Bust. “Gilmore Girls” Luke and Lorelai or Logan and Rory for that matter? Yikes. “True Blood’s” Sookie and Bill? Nope.

Sure, there are just as many success stories as failures, but it’s pretty easy to see that Captain Swan is probably leaning towards failure given the circumstances.

Not only has Hook failed to disclose the ever so important bit of information that he killed David’s (Josh Dallas) father way back when, he went ahead and proposed to Emma instead of telling her the truth. Sure, he was kind of cornered since she found the ring, but he seriously could have just fessed up.

Clearing the “I killed you grandfather back when I was still a bad guy” hurdle might be more than Hook and Emma can tackle, but at this point it’s hard to imagine Emma ending their relationship over the death of a man she never knew. It happened so many years ago, and she’s forgiven so much already that Hook’s inner turmoil about the matter is almost aggravating. Does he think Emma assumed he was just a roguish rapscallion for hundreds of years instead of a bloodthirsty pirate? Come on!

Now the foundation of their “marriage” will be built on a lie. That doesn’t exactly sound like a recipe for success.

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To be honest, a breakup might be in order for this couple anyways. We hate the breakup, makeup, breakup again formula some shows seem to overdo, but Hook and Emma have had a pretty solid romantic arc building between them for years now. It might be worth seeing who these characters become on their own rather than to keep building up and breaking down their romance over and over again.

Of course, we completely rescind that opinion if “Once Upon a Time” doesn’t wind up getting a Season 7 renewal.

With so much chatter about whether ABC’s favorite fairytale drama will live to see another year (and which characters will or won’t be returning if it does), we’d absolutely rather get a Captain Swan wedding to round out the series than a heartbreaking separation.

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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