A lot of pieces to the Neolution puzzle have fallen into place since Helena (Tatiana Maslany) left the Hendrix household but after what seemed like a rather long absence, the very pregnant sestra returned to “Orphan Black.” Thursday’s (June 9) episode, titled “The Mitigation Of Competition,” found Donnie (Kristian Bruun) released from prison — out on bail, but at least he’s out — and Sarah reluctantly teaming up with Rachel to take Evie Cho (Jessalyn Wanlim) down.

It was a beautiful thing to watch as Cho’s real agenda was exposed in front of the press. Yet as Cho was caught on tape admitting to euthanizing newborns, one has to wonder what Rachel’s real motivations are. Is she out to take over BrightBorn and betray her new Leda teammates? While it’s now obvious that Susan Duncan (Rosemary Duncan) is not on the side of the bad guys, Rachel may still be yearning for vengeance against Sarah. After-all, she did drive a pencil through her eye.

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Speaking of that eye … the swan visions have continued for Rachel and it seems she is finally realizing that it’s not a glitch. How will the images of these men — who end up brutally killing that lovely long-necked creature — play into the bigger Neolution game?

Oh, and what about Helena? After we see her living a very “Revenant” life in the wilderness — Beavertail National Park, to be specific — she finally pops up to check in with Sarah. She may be quite pregnant but that doesn’t top her from picking up on some vocal cues over the phone. Needless to say, she turns up at the Hendrix household at the perfect moment.

With Alison being held down by one of those Neolution henchmen — and the looming threat of a glitchy worm bot being inserted into her face — Helena literally answers her prayers. Busting through the door, in full Davy Crockett mode, she fires an arrow right into that Neo dude’s head. Well, that’s one way to help Alison’s struggles with faith!

“Orphan Black” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.

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