Just days after shooting the show's final scene, the cast and crew of "Orphan Black" hit Paleyfest in Los Angeles to begin their last press tour ever for the series. The first-look photos for Season 5 left us with so many questions -- and thankfully, the Clone Club gang was able to give us some insight on the coming episodes.

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Executive producer Graeme Manson gave us a hint at Season 5's story direction, saying, “There’s a real journey this season. You get to know these sisters that you thought you knew really well… You get to know them better. And poor Sarah and Helena go through the wringer!"

Sarah and Helena (Tatiana Maslany) won't be the only ones to deal with new struggles, it seems -- as we learned speaking with her castmates about their own final journeys.

Detective Art Bell (Kevin Hanchard)

kevin hanchard orphan black art bell What we know so far about Orphan Blacks fifth (and final) season

It's been an eye-opening ride for Art over these past four seasons and now that he's a part of the Clone Club, all bets are off.

"The stakes are higher for Art than they have ever been -- there's a lot of struggle, and it's complex," Hanchard tells Screener. "And that's just for Art! That's not even talking about the clones and Felix and the Hendrixes..."

It looks like Season 5 will hold the answers for Art -- maybe he'll finally get closure over the loss of Beth's death. We can't help but wonder, though: How far down the rabbit hole is Art compared to go?

Felix Dawkins (Jordan Gavaris)

orphan black season 5 felix sarah mrs s tatiana maslany What we know so far about Orphan Blacks fifth (and final) season

Felix found himself at an emotional crossroads in Season 4: The family bond between Sarah, Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Kira (Skyler Wexler) only grew stronger as he began searching for his own place in the world... But connecting with long-lost sister Adele (Lauren Hammersley) didn't bring the fulfillment he sought: As it turns out, blood ties don't always outweigh the emotional ones.

"Where we left him in Season 4 was the realization that, you know, they may not be his blood relatives, but he's been with these people and they've been through sh*t -- they've been through some stuff. And that's where he belongs," Gavaris explains.

It doesn't sound like Felix has completely pulled out of his identity crisis, but for better or worse, it seems the team is on stronger ground than they were. Felix is family, and he's integral to the Clone Club's coming fight against Neolution. He's Sarah's soulmate, her brother -- and without him in the picture, no victory could be complete.

Delphine (Evelyne Brochu)

orphan black season 5 first look delphine cosima tatiana maslany What we know so far about Orphan Blacks fifth (and final) season

For the majority of Season 4, we had absolutely no idea if Delphine was alive or dead, after being shot by Evie Cho's (Jessalyn Wanlim) creepy Neolution henchman. But as Cosima's health rapidly deteriorated, thanks to the degenerative clone disease she's still trying to cure -- Delphine suddenly appeared. Now that they've reunited, we where does the relationship stand?

"Delphine has always had to keep stuff from Cosima -- she's always had to play a bit of a double agent," Brochu tells Screener. "But how much of a double agent is she really? There's one line from an episode where Delphine says, This is our relationship. You can either end it or accept it as it is. And I think that's going to carry the sort of underlying theme of the season -- for both of them."

Donnie Hendrix (Kristian Bruun)

orphan black donnie helena season 4 What we know so far about Orphan Blacks fifth (and final) season

Donnie and Alison Hendrix sure have been through a lot since "Orphan Black" began -- and as the seasons progressed, the couple was pushed into more and more impossible decisions: There's a body buried in their garage, they became suburban drug-dealers for a while... And let's not forget, Donnie went to prison!

Once a very pregnant Helena was added into the mix, the Hendrix household went from chaotic to downright batty. And according to Kristian Bruun, things are going to get even more bonkers for the couple moving forward...

"Every season, there is an episode where sh*t hits the fan in the suburbs -- that definitely happens again," Bruun tells Screener. "A lot of skeletons in the Hendrixes' closet come back to haunt them and we have to deal with that, so there are a lot of hijinks coming up -- things that will not disappoint, that's for sure!"

"Orphan Black" Season 5 premieres Saturday, June 10 on BBC America.

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