Angies leg.jpgIt was really only a matter of time before Angelina Jolie‘s right leg got it’s own Twitter feed. Yes friends, @AngiesRightLeg has 4000 followers at the time of the writing of this article. We’re not sure how long Angie’s leg can keep up the tweeting, but considering where that leg is going to be later in the evening …

If that wasn’t enough for you, Jennifer Lopez‘ nipple has it’s own feed after tonight’s nip slip. @JLosNipple is also tweeting about wardrobe malfunctions and all the difference an inch can make. @AngiesRightLeg is following @JLosNipple, but has way more followers. What does that say about where each of their stars are at the moment?

Any other body parts we should be following? Anyone’s kneecap do anything interesting this week? Ooh, we wonder if Zach Galifianakis‘ beard has an account. We’d totally follow him! 

Posted by:jbusch