bradley cooper oscar getty Oscars 2012: Bradley Cooper's mustache upstages his sexinessBradley Cooper may have knocked himself down a peg or two on the Sexiest Man Alive status ladder with his part porn star, part Snidely Whiplash mustache. And he certainly caught plenty of flack on Twitter during the Academy Awards for the facial fuzz.

Hulu’s tweet kind of said it all: “Bradley Cooper is just in from robbing a train.”

So why the facial hair, Bradley? And what does your lady Zoe Saldana have to say about it? Hopefully nicer things than all the tweeters watching the Oscars.

We’re hoping it’s for a movie. And as for Bradley’s upcoming movie roles, he had this to say on the red carpet, “Hopefully we’re gonna do ‘Hangover 3.’

We’re thinking the mustache would fit in just fine there.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper