Christopher Plummer.jpgWe just love Christopher Plummer! Captain Von Trapp just won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work in “Beginners.” Not only was his performance phenomenal, but his speech was the cutest thing we’ve seen since Uggie.

He thanked his wife, saying she deserved a Nobel Peace Prize. He thanked his co-star Ewan McGregor, saying, “I would happily share this award with him if I had any decency, which I don’t.” He said he’d come out of his mother’s womb practicing his Oscar speech, which he assured us he didn’t remember. He was so entertaining that we felt bad for saying we wished Nick Nolte would have won so we could have heard him talk about birds and other weirdness.

Not only is this Plummer’s first Oscar, he is the oldest person to ever win one. He joked that the statue was only two years older than he is! Congratulations sir! Also, will you please sing “Edelweiss” for us one more time!

Posted by:jbusch