jean dujardin wins Oscars 2012: Jean Dujardin wins, curses in French, gets his dance onGiven the number of teary, emotional acceptance speeches we’ve witnessed over the course of the 2012 awards season, we were pleased to see “The Artist” star Jean Dujardin take the stage full of vim and vigor after winning Best Actor at the Academy Awards.

Dujardin had a prepared speech, which some may perceive as overly confident, but given the popularity of “The Artist” throughout the season, we appreciated the foresight. “I love your country!” he exclaimed on stage. “Thank you to the academy. It’s funny because in
1929 it wasn’t Billy Crystal, but Douglas Fairbanks who hosted the first
Oscar ceremony. Tickets cost five dollars and it lasted 15 minutes.
Times have changed. So, thank you Douglas Fairbanks.”

As the first French actor to win an Oscar, Dujardin would be doing us a disservice if he didn’t speak some of his native language during his speech — and he did. Word is that he even dropped the F-bomb in French on stage, and totally got away with it! Though he wasn’t played off stage, Dujardin wasn’t quite ready to leave when he finished his speech, so he hung out on stage, dancing and rejoicing as poor Natalie Portman stood by uncomfortably.

The producers even cut awkwardly to the musicians in the balconies. After all, spontaneity is a no-no at the Academy Awards.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie