lopez oscar niplisp twitter Oscars 2012: Jennifer Lopez's nip slipJLo and Cameron Diaz stepped up to present the Oscars for costuming and makeup, but we can all be pretty sure no one will remember who won. We returned from the makeup montage to the sight of the two with their backs to the audience.

Now, their rear ends are quite scenic, but it seemed like an odd decision. That is until they turned back around and we got a bit more than we bargained for. Jennifer Lopez had a nip slip, and had turned around to fix her dress. Didn’t exactly work, JLo.

It’s not like she hasn’t been playing chicken with just such an wardrobe malfunction for quite some time. Does anyone else remember that blue and green sheer bathrobe she wore a while back? Lady, they make tape for these things. We’re going to go ahead and suggest more than one piece if you’re going to do that again. Ooh! Market your own brand! “Nip Slip tape by JLo!”

Posted by:jbusch