jolie rath getty Oscars 2012: Jim Rash says Angelina Jolie pose was 'a loving tribute'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That’s pretty much Jim Rash’s explanation of his Angelina Jolie-inspired pose after winning the Academy Award for “The Descendants.”

He tells Us Weekly, “I just saw her pose and I thought, you know what, we have exactly the same legs…And I wanted to show everyone what it meant. It was a loving tribute.” He denies that it was any sort of jab at Jolie, who exposed her gams in her Atelier Versace dress.

Rash’s pose was quickly followed by the other “Descendants” winners Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon. But they all say it was an homage not a dis.

“She’s supremely hot,” Faxon says. “Jim did the leg first and he didn’t tell us — so I had to like quickly adapt.”

What say you Zappers? Was it mean or just a funny joke?

Posted by:David Eckstein