jimmy kimmel abc Oscars 2012: Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at award showJimmy Kimmel was first out of the chute to have fun at the expense of the Academy Awards. The late night host had his post Oscar special quickly after the ceremony concluded. And he used it as an opportunity to joke about the films, some notable celebs and even himself.

Here are some of his better remarks from Sunday’s (Feb. 26) broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”:

— “‘The Artist’ won Best Motion Picture. Pretty good for a movie that’s black and white and silent. Which is just the way Kim Kardashian likes her men.”
— “Octavia Spencer won for the movie ‘The Help,’ which was one of only a few nominated films this year that were a hit with critics and at the box office. ‘The Help’ was so popular, Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to get it pregnant.”
— “You know, originally Eddie Murphy was supposed to host the show until the Academy remembered he was in ‘Norbit’.
— “Why is it that – when you’re an adult – taking your mom to the Oscars is cool, but when you’re in high school, taking your cousin to the prom gets you the nick name ‘cousin kissin Jimmy’ for the rest of your life?”

Did you stay up to watch Jimmy and his interview with Oprah? And what about his awesome movie trailer for “Movie: The Movie,” a blockbuster if there ever was one? If you didn’t, check it out…

Posted by:David Eckstein