meryl streep backstage gi Oscars 2012: Meryl Streep understands 'Streep fatigue'Meryl Streep joined an elite club last night when she won her third Oscar for her role as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.” We kind of think Meryl was feeling lucky since she went dressed in a shining gold gown but, you know, she had every reason to think it was her night.

On stage, Streep said she pictured half of America reacting to her win with an “‘Ugh, her again’… but whatever” and mused that we may all be sick of her (we’re not). In her back-stage interview, though, Streep kept up the humble routine.

“Frankly, I understand Streep fatigue,” she said in response to one reporter’s question about her omnipresence in the Oscar nominations.

Still, Streep herself isn’t sick of Oscar.

“I thought I was so old and jaded, but they call your name, and you just go into sort of a, I don’t know, a white light,” she said. “And it was just thrilling.  It was like I was a kid again. I mean, it was — I was a kid when I won this, like, 30 years ago. Two of the nominees were not even conceived. So, you know, it was great.”

Is she game to try for a fourth and tie Katherine Hepburn for the most Best Actress wins?

“I have everything I’ve ever dreamed of in my life,” she said.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson