mike myers oscars Oscars 2012: Mike Myers gives Kevin Kline 'etiquette' lessons

With the 84th Oscars just around the corner on Sunday (Feb. 26), it’s important for the nominees to think about what to do should they win. While they’ve probably all written their acceptance speech, one thing they may not have considered is how to handle the eight-pound trophy. Luckily the Academy has a solution for that.

In an “educational” video, the Oscars has hired a etiquette expert Sir Cecil Worthington (Mike Myers) to help train people on this critical issue. The person being helped is 1989 Oscar winner Kevin Kline.

Worthington, who sports a comb over that would make Donald Trump proud, instructs Kline to “keep the left hand under the base. Right hand on the statute.” The rules get more detailed as Worthington tells Kline to not keep his hand too high using the simple rhyme “keep your thumb under the bum.”

Here’s a 30-second preview. The full four-minute video is available at Oscar.com.

Posted by:David Eckstein