kristen stewart crutches oscars 2013 gi Oscars 2013: Is Kristen Stewart stoned? Celebrities on Twitter think so

Kristen Stewart landed at the 85th Academy Awards on a pair of crutches. After hopping her way down the red carpet, she made it to the stage along with Daniel Radcliffe to present the award for Best Production Design. In addition to a mysterious foot or leg injury, K-Stew was sporting a bruise on her left arm, as well as a funky attitude.
Twitter, as it will, went wild with commentary about Kristen’s moment on the stage. Many thought she was stoned, and the rest thought she should either brush her hair or get out of show business. Here are a few Tweets that caught our attention:
Andy Levy: “Who are you wearing, Kristen Stewart?” “Xanax I think?”
Joel McHale: Kristen Stewart is limping because she sprained her ankle from being excessively disinterested. #OscarsWithJoel
Ron Corning: Is Kristen Stewart always like this?
Tom Colicchio: Kristen looks so stoned, in a good way #oscars
Flavorwire: Remember, young actors: if you play your cards right, one day you can be as bored as Kristen Stewart is tonight. #Oscars
Phil Lester: #RejectedOscars Least Likely To Smile: Kristen Stewart
Sarah Silverman: Is Kristen Stewart fundamentally against brushes?
LeVar Burton: Cc:Jennifer Anniston RT @meganganz: Hey, Kristen Stewart, I know you can’t act but can you at least brush your hair?
Shonda Rhimes: Did Kristen Stewart just HOP?
Patton Oswalt: FYI, Kristen Stewart — Russ Meyer & Sam Peckinpah knew how to cover arm bruises. #Oscars
Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Kristen Stewart just get shoved into a dress and pushed onstage after being screamed at : JUST DO IT! #Oscars2013
Bill Weir: Kristen Stewart looks like she just got off the Carnival Triumph (but in a good way)
Philip Tetro: anyone have an extra brush or an extra personality for Kristen Stewart?
Audra McDonald: I’ve never met her but I feel like Kristen Stewart is mad at me.
Videogum: ?Has anyone told Kristen Stewart that she’s totally allowed to not be a movie star if she wants out? #Oscars2013
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